85hr prenatal yoga teacher training

with kirsten warner

january 30-february 6

Throughout the course of the training you will dive deep into the world of mamas and babies and learn the skills to artfully teach yoga to pregnant women. Learn more about yourself as a woman and as a teacher. In addition to being extremely informative and practical, this training is a transformational journey. Not only will you emerge as a competent Prenatal teacher, but you will also become a stronger yoga teacher overall.

Through daily practice teaching and constructive feedback, we will support you to find your authentic voice and teach from a place of embodied presence. We will help you empower women through their journey into motherhood and build communities that last a lifetime.


You will leave this training with:

  • A comprehensive exploration of the signs and stages of labor and childbirth

  • Learn more about the juicy practices you can offer your students- nutrition, natural remedies, herbal support, and more

  • Familiarity with care provider options and empowered birth choices- learn about the cultural shifts in birth, and the difference between risk-based care and evidence-based care

  • Understand postpartum recovery- the 'baby-moon' and diastasis recovery

  • A renewed connection with yourself and other women

  • Exposure to the transformational power of the sacred feminine

  • How to market and build your prenatal yoga business

  • The skills to sequence and create a great Prenatal Yoga class

  • Knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of pregnancy and birth

  • Familiarity with the pregnant year from a holistic perspective

  • An understanding of the asanas, contraindications, alignment and pranayamas that are appropriate during pregnancy

  • Therapeutic practices to support pregnancy discomforts

  • Tools to help your students develop strength and endurance as they prepare for giving birth

  • Insight about your personal teaching style, and the strengths and challenges you may face as a teacher

  • How to use hand on adjustments to nourish and support your students

  • Skills for weaving meaningful themes into your classes

  • An increased capacity to hold an emotional container for your class



$350 due at registration (Deposit is non-refundable. Please be certain that you will be able to attend before you make the commitment.)

*Register by October 18 and save $145!

Payment plans available upon request

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200hr yoga teacher training

February 12-23/April 1-12, 2020

Tula Movement Arts is proud to announce the next 200 Hour Teacher Training (*Yoga Alliance Registered) will begin on February 12, 2020. This teacher training training will happen in 2 intensive style segments: Part 1 is February 12-23, Part 2 is April 1-12. 

This program, registered through Yoga Alliance for those wishing to pursue teaching most graduation, is for the curious, interested, and serious student looking to expand their sense of self. Expect practicum, methodology, physiology, and asana alongside thorough internal anatomy of emotions, human behavior, body psychology, and the various means and ways in which we connect to ourselves as well as others through the practice of Yoga.

Led by Be Shakti, Lotsie Cash, and an array of guest teachers that are masters of inquiry within their field of expertise and study, this 200 Hour Program will cover in depth :


  • Anatomy, physiology of movement and asana

  • Traditional Yogic Postures, their benefits, and sequencing a Vinyasa class

  • Teaching Methodology and theory

  • Philosophy, ethics, and lifestyle of the conscious minded/hearted Yogi

  • Body Psychology and the ways in which we move tells the narrative of our lives

  • Creating the container of a classroom and establishing true, authentic connection


$2300 early bird (by 1/31)/$2600 late bird. $500 deposit required to register (Deposit is nonrefundable. Please be certain that you will be able to attend before you make the commitment.)

*Discounts available for Tula members. Payment plans available upon request. 

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AUGUST 2020-APRIL 2021

Join Lotsie Cash, Brooke Coletta and Be Shakti in this very special 300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training! This course meets over 9 modules with options to enroll in the entire yoga alliance certified 300hr program or pick and choose individual modules for specialized study and/or CEUs. See specific dates, details and pricing options below:


August 12-16: 


A fundamental review of what is covered in a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour training including; Anatomy,  Principles of Alignment, Yogic Philosophy (Eight Limbed Path and The Bhagavad Gita), Sanskrit and how to teach a safe and sustainable class.  This module will prepare the student to dive deeply in every other module by ensuring a cornerstone of knowledge.

September 16-21: 


An advanced Asana module.  Learn how to build Agni (fire in the body) to help discover how to embody and teach level 2/3 postures including arm balances and inversions.  We will thoroughly break each posture down anatomically and will add layers of depth including how to sequence to each of the postures as a peak pose.  During the Sun module, learn how to sequence classes to create a full bodied experience for your student.  Along with postures and sequencing, we will also gain skills in how to effectively lead Pranayama (breath control/restrain exercises).

October 21-26: 


The external is a reflection of the internal . With our insides strong, and when energy is able to flow freely, we experience harmony as well as balance. We experience a centerdness in both body and mind. This module will focus on the internal geography of our being. Themes to be studied include:

  • The practice and philosophy of Yin Yoga

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 12 traditional meridians of the body

  • The Five Elements

  • Acupressure and the integration there of into your teaching and assisting 

  • Meditations and Shamanic Journeying of the mind and spirit

  • Mystic studies of poetry and bhakti heart practices, including use of mantra and chant

  • Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage

November 4-8*


In depth study of the more well known Goddesses (such as Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Durga etc.). Through inspired Asana practices, meditation, mantra and Mudras learn how their stories can help us live a more fulfilling and purpose driven life.  Weave the lessons learned into class themes to  allow your student to leave feeling more ALIVE and in their bodies.  

*November 6-8 is a RETREAT to Horse Creek Lodge (included in 300hr pricing)

December 9-14: 


An in depth study of the GODS of Yogic Mythology. Discover through the ancient stories how we at our base nature are DIVINE.  Learn how to weave each story into a class theme that will create an enriched experience for your student and let them take away how to embody every part of their consciousness.

January 6-11: 


A module to help redefine your personal meditation practice and how to use yogic philosophy to create a more aligned life path. Discover tools to strengthen your "seat" and WHY mediation is such a crucial aspect to the practice.  Also, explore The Yoga Sutras, The Upanishads and The Bhagavad Gita with a teachers mind.  Grasp the significance of why each of these texts are timeless and how we can apply the lessons within a class theme and more importantly in our personal experiences.

February 17-22: 


The Art of Teaching.  Discover YOUR voice, and why each of us has a unique and necessary gift to give.  Come away with how to speak more from the heart, and how to confidently guide your students to have a mind, body, and spirit connection. We will explore different styles of sequencing, how to purposefully theme a class, effective cuing and modifications as well as hands on assists.  The module will also include the Business of Yoga; ethics, class etiquette, how to live as a Yoga teacher, and  teacher mentoring.

March 17-21 


Astrology, Toltec I Ching & Tarot: These traditions all aim to bridge the same connection between the sacred and the mundane; the earth with the stars. We will study each of these insight/divination practices and explore how to apply these ways of thinking to our own yoga practice as well as our teachings. 

April 14-18 


Excavate your WHY behind teaching in this final module bridging inquiry to purpose. In the sharing of the practice, we as teachers serve as sacred space holders and light guides. Not telling students what to experience or feel, but providing students with a space to navigate their internal truths on their own mats (and on their life paths). Through liberating others through moving beyond ideas of right and wrong/good or bad we share in the jewel of sangha (community) and like minds and hearts in the Sadhana that is Yoga. 


All 300 hours: $3900 early bird (by March 15), $4300 late bird

$500 deposit (non-refundable) due to register, the rest can be paid in segments over the 9 modules/a payment plan can be arranged.

**SUPER EARLY BIRD SAVINGS: pay your deposit by January 15 and save an extra $150!


Individual modules: $475 per module early bird (by March 15), $550 late bird

Register HERE


2 months+ notice: Full refund, minus non-refundable deposit & cancellation fee ($25)

1 months+ notice: 50% refund

1 week+ notice: 20% refund

Less than 5 days notice: NO REFUND




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